News Update for Wednesday, September 12


New recordings

Joesley Batista claims he has other recordings which have not been submitted to the public prosecutor, but the audio is not in Brazil. One of the recordings involves former minister José Eduardo Cardoso.


Irma’s Aftermath

Damage in Florida was not as bad as expected. Part of the reason is that there was less flooding than predicted. However, more than 60 percent of the residents are without power. The Keys were the most badly affected by the storm. From Key Largo to Key West, homes were inundated by a Category 4 storm, with winds of over 200 km per hour that ruined homes and vehicles and filled the air with a reek of sewage and the sea.


Rick McKee / Augusta Chronicle

The UN and North Korea

The Security Council increased sanctions against North Korea, but not nearly as much as the United States had demanded. To ensure the support of Russia and China, oil exports to North Korea were limited but not banned altogether. If this will deter North Korea from continuing their nuclear tests is far from certain. Although the North Koreans claim that last week’s detonation proves it can build a hydrogen bomb, nobody knows for sure how close they are to actually building one.


Apple to unveil new luxury iPhone

A series of new iPhones will include, for the first time, a luxury model with a $999 starting price, called by some the iPhone X. Click here for more information. Upgrades for the Apple Watch, which may soon include cellular connectivity, are also expected to be announced today.

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