News Update for Wednesday, September 13


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Lula and Moro – Again

Source: Globo G1

Lula and Moro will face-off again today. The former president will be questioned in Curitiba this afternoon, as a defendant in Operation Car Wash. The objective is to verify if Lula received a piece of property as a kickback from Odebrecht. This is the second time judge Moro will question Lula.

Improved response

Source: The New York Times

Despite the deaths and suffering and damages in the range of billions of dollars, the United States actually improved its response to hurricanes. A proof of this is the surprisingly low death toll from Harvey and Irma: 85 so far in Texas and Florida. Technology, building codes, weather forecasts and better understanding of mass evacuation are some of the factors responsible for this. Past disasters in the US: the terrorist attacks of Sept. 11, 2001, and Hurricane Katrina four years later helped train the country for disaster response.

Gift from a stranger

Source: The New York Times

A stranger was touched by a story of how Ms. Hines, from Houston, had lost vintage coffee cups when Hurricane Harvey destroyed her home. These cups she had saved after her mother’s passing were Fitz and Floyd cups manufactured before 1979, and were very hard to find. Ms. Dahms, from Maryland,  was able to find three identical cups on an eBay site, and sent them to Ms. Hines, who was very touched by the gesture.

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