News Update for Wednesday, September 15


London Underground Explosion

Source: The New York Times

An explosion on a London Underground train on Friday morning is being treated as a terrorist incident. Several commuters were injured and service was disrupted. It drew a heavy response from police officers and emergency workers. The attack took place at 8 a.m. at Parson Green Station, in Southwest London, and revived concerns that militants might be targeting the Underground, known as the Tube. It’s one of the world’s oldest subway stations and one of its busiest.


North Korea Fires Another Missile

Source: The New York Times

In an act of defiance against the new sanctions resolution adopted days earlier by the United Nations Security Council, North Korea fired a ballistic missile Friday morning. The missile passed over Japan and traveled 2,300 miles, the farthest of any of their previous launches.


President Trump

Source: The New York Times

Mr. Trump agreed to back down, at least for now, on building a border wall with Mexico as part of a deal with Democrats to protect young immigrants without legal documents. Republicans are angry at the second compromise of the president with congressional Democrats in one week. Many are left wondering how much more his base will tolerate.


NASA’s Cassini’s Last Day

Source: The New York Times

The spacecraft will take its last plunge towards Saturn and then disintegrate. It’s moving so fast that just a few molecules from the atmosphere could rip it apart. The NASA mission, which began 20 years ago, has gathered a huge amount of important data about the 6th planet of the Solar System. See some of the best images it sent back.

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