News Update for Wednesday, September 25


Merkel Still at the Helm

Source: Globo and The New York Times

As expected, Angela Merkel will continue as leader of one of the richest countries in the world for four more years. However, unexpectedly, Alternative for Germany, or AfD, became the first far-right party to enter Parliament in more than 60 years. Against immigration and an alleged islamization of the country, AfD received more than 13% of the votes. This reflects voter anger over immigration and inequality. Although weakened, Merkel has won a spot in the front ranks of Germany’s postwar leaders.


Militares patrulham a comunidade da Rocinha, no Rio (Foto: Rommel Pinto/Agência O Dia/Estadão Conteúdo)

Rocinha Under Fire

Source: Globo

Not even the occupation of the Brazilian army prevented conflicts over the weekend in Rocinha, in Rio de Janeiro. A shootout between the police and a group trying to escape through the woods ended with three dead and four arrested.


Temer Under Fire

Source: Globo

The nation’s president turned 77 on Saturday, but has little to celebrate, as he is also under fire this week. The lower house of Congress, known as the “Chamber of Deputies” will decide whether to endorse the new indictments against him, which include criminal organization and obstruction of justice, or halt the process.


Brazilian Soccer Championship

With a win over Vasco, Corinthians maintains a comfortable 10-point lead. Although losing to Botafogo in Rio, Santos moved up to the second spot after Grêmio’s loss to Chapecoense at home. São Paulo still remains among the last four teams who will be demoted to Group B next year.


Team Europe wins Laver Cup

Source: The New York Times

At the inaugural Laver Cup, a tournament organized to honor tennis legend Rod Laver,  team Europe, led by Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal, beat team World. Federer and Nadal, who have won a total of 35 grand slams between them, played on the same side of the court for the first time.

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