News Update for Wednesday, September 27


Aécio Neves in Trouble

Source: Globo

Aécio Neves, the runner-up in the last presidential elections, will be notified by the Supreme Court to leave his position as a national senator today. Although he is not yet under arrest, he will have to turn in his passport, and will have to spend his nights at home.


Non-existent Dates

Source: Globo

Lula’s defense presented two receipts with non-existent dates to prove the payment of rent for an apartment under investigation in Operation Car Wash. One receipt has June 31 2014 as the date, and the other November 31, 2015. The name of city where the apartment is located is also misspelled, São Bernanrdo do Campo. Other incongruence is that there are two receipts for the same month.


Religion in Schools

Source: Globo

The Supreme Court will continue ruling on how religion is to be taught in the public school system. Five magistrates have already voted in favor of expounding on beliefs, while three stand for allowing only the history of religions to be taught. Three more have yet to vote.


Saudi Arabia to Let Women Drive

Source: The New York Times


Saudi Arabia has announced it would finally allow women to take the wheel. The decision will take effect in June 2018, and highlights the damage that the ban on women driving has done to the kingdom’s international relationship. Leaders hope the new policy will help the economy by increasing women’s participation in the workplace.


Catalan to Vote for Independence

Source: The New York Times

Despite fierce opposition from Madrid and the courts, the region of Catalan will hold a referendum on independence from Spain on Sunday. The government has threatened to take control of voting booths to thwart the vote. “I’m just for a united Spain,” President Trump told journalists as he hosted Mariano Rajoy, the Spanish prime minister, calling Catalan efforts to secede “foolish.”


 War Zone

Source: The New York Times

“This is like in war,” declared an emergency doctor at a hospital in Puerto Rico. The island has been crippled by floods, damage and shortages of diesel in the aftermath of Hurricane Maria. In Arecibo, the largest city in number of inhabitants, all five hospitals are still closed.  While Trump claims his administration is doing a great job in responding to recent natural disasters, a new poll found that nearly half of Americans don’t know that Puerto Ricans are U.S. citizens.

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