News Update for Wednesday, September 28


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Political Reform

Source: Globo

Congress will finish voting today on the bill to end coalitions. If approved, this will go into effect only in 2020. Congress is also debating the creation of the party fund, but so far, they have unable to reach an understanding as to how the money is to be distributed.


Clean Slate (Ficha Limpa)

Source: Globo

The Supreme Court will continue pondering the application of the Clean Slate Bill for cases preceding the passing of this law. The previous law prohibited politicians convicted of felonies from running for office for three years. The 2010 bill increased this period to ten.


Religion in Schools – Part 2

Source: Globo

The Supreme Court decided yesterday to allow teachers of religion in public schools to expound on their beliefs in the classroom. The model, known as “confessional,” permits teachers to act as representatives of a religion, with freedom to influence their students.


Cutting Taxes and Building Walls

Source: The New York Times


President Trump disclosed a plan in Washington that would be the most sweeping tax overhaul in decades. Democrats criticized it as a boon for the rich, Trump included.

Workers have begun constructing eight prototypes of Mr. Trump’s promised border wall on a dusty piece of land in California.


Cruzeiro Wins Fifth Brazilian Cup

Source: Gazeta Esportiva

Cruzeiro beat Flamengo in a penalty shootout last night to win their fifth Brazilian Cup title. This guarantees the team a spot in next year’s Libertadores competition.

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