News Update for Wednesday, September 29

Unexpected Ally

Source: Globo

Bonifácio de Andrada, the 87-year-old PSDB congressman from Minas Gerais has been chosen as leader of the commission that will rule on the second indictment of President Temer. He voted against the first indictment, and his own party is pressuring him to step down from the leadership. Andrada, who has been a member of Congress for 39 years, promises to act according to the constitution and present a technical ruling.



Army Leaves Rocinha

Source: Globo

After one week of occupation, the thousand troops deployed to occupy Rocinha, are on their way out. According to Defense Minister, Raul Jungann, the situation there is under control. The Secretary of Safety in Rio promises to reinforce police presence in the area.


China Tells North Korean Firms To Close

Source: Bloomberg

Seeking to comply with United Nations’ sanctions, China is ordering North Korean companies active in the country to close. This will also affect joint ventures between Chinese firms and North Korean entities and individuals. Rex Tillerson, the U. S. secretary of state, will visit China on the weekend. North Korea is one of the topics that will be discussed.


Trump’s Tax Plan

Source: The New York Times

Mr. Trump stands to personally save more than $1.1 billion under his proposed tax reform. Corporations would also get everything they asked for, but it remains to be seen if savings would spur new investments and create more jobs.


Desperation and Frustration

Source: The New York Times

Puerto Ricans continue anxious and exasperated at the slow pace of emergency relief for their island. Shortages of food, cash, fuel and other basic necessities are prevalent.


Notre Dame Crumbling

Source: The New York Times

The world-famous cathedral, a jewel of medieval Gothic architecture, is disintegrating, and the estimated cost for repairs is 150 million euros. Organizations are now trying to raise those funds in France and the United States.

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