News Update for Wednesday, October 05

Taxpayers to Pay for Campaigns

Source: Globo

The House of Representatives approved the creation of the electoral fund, estimated at R$ 1.7 billion, financed by taxes, or, in other words, by you and me. The bill has already been approved of by the Senate, and now only needs the president’s signature to go into effect.


Clean Slate Bill

Source: Globo

The Supreme Court decided to apply the Clean Slate Bill in the cases of politicians condemned for abuse of power before 2010, when the law entered into effect. These politicians will now be unable to run for public office for eight years, and not only three. This will affect candidates convicted between January and June 2010, since those convicted before then, in 2009, for example, will complete eight years of disqualification at the end of this year.


Nobel Chemistry Prize

Source: The New York Times

The Nobel Prize in Chemistry was awarded to three scientists, Jacques Dubochet, Joachim Frank and Richard Henderson,  who developed a method for generating  3-D images of the molecules of life. This discovery, which helps figure out the shape of proteins and other biological molecules, has helped understanding diseases like Zika and is expected to lead to further breakthroughs in the future.

Google focusing on AI

Source: The New York Times

Google launched a series of new gadgets, including smartphones and smart speakers, but, unlike Apple, they didn’t spend much time talking about product specifications. Instead, their focus was on artificial intelligence. The company’s chief executive said Google was an “A.I first” company, and that combining hardware, software and artificial intelligence was actually their competitive advantage. “It’s radically rethinking how computing should work,” he said.

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