News Update for Wednesday, October 18


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Brazilian Politics

Source: Globo

Aécio Neves will return to his seat in the senate after his fellow-senators voted, by 44 votes to 26, to overturn the Supreme Court’s decision to remove him from office. President Temer personally coordinated the operation to save him. Meanwhile, debates regarding the president’s own fate continue in the lower house, and are scheduled to end today, after which the justice committee will vote on whether the indictment has grounds or not.


ISIS Capital Seized

Source: The New York Times

A U.S.-backed militia composed of Kurdish and Arab fighters seized the Islamic State’s de facto capital. The militant group will now return to the kind of underground insurgency that characterized them in the beginning, and will continue to be a source of concern vexing world leaders.


Travel Ban Blocked

Source: The New York Times

Protestors gathered in Los Angeles to oppose Trump’s third attempt at implementing a travel ban. However, just hours before it was to take effect, it was blocked by the same federal judge in Hawaii who blocked the second ban in March. The prohibition would indefinitely prevent travelers from a handful of countries, most of them predominantly Muslim, from coming to the United States.

Uber Increases Traffic Problems

Source: The New York Times

A study suggests that Uber and other similar companies might be making traffic worse. The authors of the research estimate that 49 percent to 61 percent of ride-hailing trips wouldn’t have been made at all or would have been made by foot, biking or public transportation. This raises concern about how chaotic the streets will become in a more far-off future of self-driving cars, when ubiquitous ride-hailing will have no one at the wheel.


Drone Hits Passenger Plane

Source: The New York Times

A drone crashed into a plane carrying six passengers and two crew members last week in Canada. Nobody was hurt, but the event could have caused “catastrophic” damage had it hit an engine or incapacitated the pilot, Canada’s transport minister said. The incident renews safety concern about unmanned aircraft, and how to enforce regulations, now that drones are becoming more and more commonplace.


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