News Update for Thursday, October 19


Good News for Cancer Patients

Source: The New York Times

A radically new treatment genetically reboots a patient’s own immune cells to kill cancer. The new therapy for adults with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma, an aggressive form of blood cancer, has been approved by U.S. drug regulators. It has been acclaimed as a breakthrough in the development of a new model for the treatment of serious diseases.


Down but not Out

Source: The New York Times

The Islamic State has suffered some serious setbacks over the past few months, but still count on up to 10,000 fighters in Iraq, Syria and other places. Counterterrorism experts are bracing for the group to return to its guerrilla roots. And a charismatic leader has appeared to lead Al Qaeda again: Osama Bin Laden’s 27-year-old son, Hamza.


Fake News is Poison

Source: The New York Times

“Fake news drips drops of poison into our daily web diet,” says Laura Boldrini, the president of Italy’s lower house of Parliament. She is spearheading a new project to help students in the country recognize lies online, an initiative other countries, such as Brazil, would do well to emulate.


European Leaders Gather for Meetings

Source: The New York Times

European leaders begin two days of meetings today. Migration and the regulation of digital services are on the agenda, as well as Britain’s exit from the European Union and the Catalan quest for independence. In Spain, it is still unclear if the Catalan leaders have declared independence or not.


The Frightful Five

Source: The New York Times

Ten or twenty years ago, start-ups were considered a font of future wonders. Today, the energy has shifted almost completely to the five goliaths, Amazon, Apple, Google, Facebook and Microsoft. Although start-ups still get funding and make breakthroughs, their chances of success have diminished considerably. The best are absorbed by the big guys, (like Instagram and WhatsApp), and those that escape face merciless and many times unfair competition. It’s practically a lose-lose situation.


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