Daily Update for Wednesday, October 25

Photo: Marcos Corrêa/PR)

Indictment to be Voted Today

Source: Globo

The Planalto is scrambling to guarantee the quorum and needed votes in Congress today to stop the second indictment against him. The expensive chess game has already cost public coffers R$687 million in funds released to congressmen, a steep hike compared to September (R$273 million) and August (R$138 million).


Photo: Luciana de Oliveira / G1)

Nissan to Sell Leaf in Brazil

Source: Globo

According to Marcos Silva, president of Nissan in Brazil, the most-sold electric car in the world will be available in Brazil. The first generation of the car, which began to be manufactured in 2010, was actually in the country briefly on an experimental basis for taxi drivers. Now, the Japanese auto manufacturer promises permanence and continued development. The second-generation model will be on exhibition in Tokyo this week. No date for launching the novelty in Brazil has been confirmed.


Erika P. Rodriguez for The New York Times

American Senate Approves Relief Package

Source: New York Times

The Senate approved a $36.5 billion aid package for disaster relief.  The Puerto Rican government is running out of cash, and the country is resorting to creativity to survive. Only 9 percent of the island’s schools were able to start classes again on Tuesday and most of them were lacking lights and air-conditioning. Besides the lack of water and electricity, residents cope with practically non-existent cellphone service, damaged cars and blocked roads. As many as three or four families share cramped living quarters. Others are sleeping in shelters. Many have to be content with canned food, with no means of turning it into a hot meal.


Marco Garcia for The New York Times

Honolulu to Fine Smartphone Zombies

Source: The New York Times

Smartphone zombies, people who walk with their eyes glued to their phones, are a common sight in most cities. If you live in an urban area, you have probably seen or been bumped into by one of them. In Honolulu, these tweet-text-swipe-addicts can face fines of up to $99. A law goes into effect there today that bans pedestrians from crossing the road while looking at their devices. The measure is an effort to reduce accidents caused by “distracted walking.”

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