Daily Update for Thursday, October 26

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Temer off the Hook

Source: Globo

By a slimmer margin than he expected – 251 to 233, Temer managed to dodge accusations of obstruction of justice and criminal organization as long as he is in office. Less than half of the congressmen voted in his favor. It remains to be seen how much political power he still has to continue governing, or if he will be a hostage in the hands of the politicians he made deals with.



Adam Ferguson for The New York Times

Trump Party

Source: New York Times

In the United States, President Trump’s brand of nationalism is increasingly taking root within the Republican Party. Critics have two choices: to give up or give in. Their platform is to close U.S. borders, stop the endless wars and walk out of international trade deals that, in their opinion, disfavor the country. As the Republicans try to piece together one of the greatest tax-cutting bills in American history, few of them are willing to upset Mr. Trump.


Jim Altgens/Associated Press

Kidnapped Nigerian Girls Sent on Suicide Missions

Source: The New York Times

Many Nigerian girls, kidnapped by Boko Haram, an Islamic extremist terrorist group based in northeastern Nigeria, were sent by their kidnappers with bombs in their hands or strapped to their bodies to kill themselves and others. But a few managed to survive, begging bystanders or the authorities to help. The New York Times interviewed 18 of them. Read their stories here. According to Unicef, more than 110 children have been used as suicide bombers since the start of the year, at least 76 of them girls. Most were under 15 years old. And you thought you had it bad …


Jim Altgens/Associated Press

Kennedy Assassination Papers

Source: New York Times

With permission from President Trump, the federal government will begin releasing the final documents on the 1963 killing of John F. Kennedy. Historians and conspiracy investigators are eager to see what the documents will reveal about Lee Harvey Oswald and any ties he may have had with Cubans, Soviets, C.I.A., F.B.I., or the mafia. However, specialists on the killing warn that no stunning revelation will likely appear. “I don’t think it will turn the case on its head,” said Gerald Posner, author of “Case Closed,” the 1993 book that concluded that Oswald indeed killed Kennedy on his own.

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