News Update for Monday, October 30


Brazilian Politics

Source: Globo

President Temer is expected to be discharged from the hospital today, after a surgery in his prostate. He will remain resting in São Paulo until Wednesday, when he will return to Brasília. Due to a week shortened by the November 2nd holiday, not much will be going on in the lower house, but the Senate has an important matter to settle: a bill for regulating transportation services, especially Uber. The bill, which has already passed in the House, calls for, among other things, a minimum age for drivers, red license plates, lack of criminal records for drivers and a special permit for the cars.


Yves Herman/Reuters

Intervention in Catalonia

Source: The New York Times

After Catalan’s declaration of independence on Friday, the Spanish government fired Carles Puidgemont and all other leaders in Catalonia. The question now is if whether the Catalan administration – including ministers, lawmakers, judges, teachers, policemen and civil servants – will submit to the new administration installed by Madrid. Hundreds of demonstrators took to the streets in Barcelona on Sunday for a rally against independence. Regional elections have been announced for December 21.


Gernot Hensel/European Pressphoto Agency

North Korea’s Cyber Power

Source: The New York Times

A British government minister has laid the blame for the “WannaCry” cyberattack in May that struck thousands of computers around the world, disrupting the British health service and some rail systems in Germany, on North Korea, though no evidence was brought forth. But South Korea and Japan are alarmed at Pyongyang’s rapidly advancing technological capabilities and are discussing the development of domestic nuclear weapons to deter them.


Mark Thompson/Getty Images North America/AFP

Hamilton Surpasses Idol Senna

Source: The New York Times

The season started well for Ferrari, but Lewis Hamilton is the 2017 Formula One champion. Hamilton’s fourth title surpasses his idol Sienna’s three, and makes him the most decorated British F1 pilot.

And in the Brazilian national soccer championship, after another defeat, Corinthians may see their lead drop to 3 points, if second-placed Palmeiras beats Cruzeiro in their own stadium. Since one of the remaining games is with their biggest rival, Palmeiras only depends on their own efforts to clinch the 2017 title. Even after beating Corinthians, Ponte Preta still remains among the last 4 who will descend to the B league next year.

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