Daily Update for Wednesday, November 1


Attack in New York City

Source: The New York Times

Craig Ruttle/Associated Press

Eight people were killed and eleven injured in New York City, in what has been called the deadliest terrorist attack since September 11, 2001. A driver plowed a pickup truck down a crowded bike path, striking several people, before he jumped out with a fake gun and was shot and arrested by the police. Five of those killed were Argentines and one was Belgian, officials said. Mr. Saipov, the suspect of the attack, came from Uzbek in 2010, and was currently working as an Uber driver. Police officers found notes indicating loyalty to the Islamic State.

Manafort the Money-Washer

Source: The New York Times

Alex Brandon/Associated Press

According to the New York Times White House correspondent, the indictments of Paul Manafort, Mr. Trump’s former campaign manager amount to a political body blow to the president, even though he was not directly implicated. Mr. Manafort laundered and spend $ 18 million dollars. Many people are astounded at how he could have spent $ 1.3 million on men’s wear on two occasions in New York and Beverly Hill. He probably learned from Brazil’s Car Washers. This calls for a new line to the popular saying “Clothes make a man, but they also bring him down.”


Private Cinema for Convicted Car Washers

Source: Estadão

Paulo Whitaker / Reuters)

A private cinema was being built in the prison where the inmates from Rio de Janeiro convicted in Operation Car Wash, including former governor Sérgio Cabral, are doing time. The room included a 65-inch flat screen TV, a home theater sound system and a DVD player. The prison administration claims the equipment, an estimated value of R$ 23 thousand, was provided by two pastors and a missionary from two evangelical entities. However, the organizations deny the donations. The Public Ministry of Rio de Janeiro is investigating the case, and the installation has been suspended.


Uber Versus Taxi Drivers

Source: Globo

Maíra Coelho/Agência O Dia

The Senate approved the bill for the regularization of transport services such as Uber yesterday, and then immediately removed the requirement for the cars to use a red license plate, like taxis. They also removed the need for the cars to be registered in the name of the driver. This means the bill will return to the lower house, giving Uber drivers more time to breathe.


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