News Update for Thursday, November 9

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Trump in Trouble

Source: The New York Times

President Trump in Seoul, South Korea, on Tuesday. CreditDoug Mills/The New York Times

After one year as president of the globe’s most powerful nation, Donald Trump has little cause for celebration. In the elections on Tuesday, the country’s suburbs appear to be in revolt against the president as a combination of college-educated voters and racial and ethnic minorities dealt the Republican Party a thumping rejection on Tuesday and boosted a diverse class of Democrats into office. An investigative report detailed connections between his secretary of commerce, Wilbur Ross Jr., and a shipping group connected to Putin’s son-in-law. And during his testimony before a congressional committee, Trump’s campaign advisor Carter Page demonstrated that he had been in contact with Russians during the 2016 presidential race.

Good News from Germany

Source: The New York Times

Mirko Wache/Ruhr University Bochum, via Associated Press

Doctors in Germany and Italy saved the life of a 7-year-old boy with an innovative form of gene therapy. A genetic disease had destroyed two-thirds of his skin, but doctors managed to replace it with artificially grown sheets of healthy skin like the sheet in the photo above. “When he woke up,” a doctor said, “he realized he had a new skin.” The boy is now leading a normal life and even plays soccer.

Bad News from China

Source: The New York Times

Korean Central News Agency, via Reuters

President Xi JinPing of China has showered President Trump with hospitality, but this may not help when it comes to stopping North Korea. Trump, as his predecessors before him, is counting on China to force North Korea to back down and scrap its nuclear arsenal. But China, according to some analysts, does not have the leverage over North Korea to accomplish this. Although China is their main economic patron, the two countries are barely friends. And Xi’s decision last month to restore relations with South Korea has not helped at all.


Kevin Spacey Cut from Movie

Source: The New York Times

Kevin Spacey as J. Paul Getty in an image from “All the Money in the World.” CreditSony -TriStar Pictures, via Associated Press

Hollywood has been distancing itself from Kevin Spacey after allegations from more than a dozen men that Mr. Spacey sexually harassed or assaulted them. First Netflix halted production of “House of Cards,” the popular political drama starring Mr. Spacey, and said it would abandon the series if he remained involved. Then, in a highly unusual move, director Ridley Scott decided on Wednesday to remove Kevin Spacey from a finished movie, “All the Money in the World,” and refilm scenes with a substitute actor.

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