News Tidbits for Wednesday, December 6


Trump to Recognize Jerusalem as Capital

Source: The New York Times

Oded Balilty/Associated Press

President Trump told Mideast leaders he would recognize Jerusalem as the capital of Israel, a move that would overturn decades of U.S. policy, upset peace efforts between Israel and the Palestinians and risk igniting unrest. His decision is driven by a campaign promise aiming to attract evangelicals and American Jews.

Mr. Trump is to announce his formal recognition of Jerusalem as the Israeli capital in a formal speech at the White House on Wednesday, when he will become the first American president to take that step since the founding of Israel in 1948.

Arab leaders have warned him that it could disrupt the peace process, perhaps fatally, and unleash a new wave of violence across the region.

Russia Banned from Winter Olympics

Source: The New York Times

Chang W. Lee/The New York Times

Russia has been banished from the 2018 Winter Olympics, following investigations of a vast, state-sponsored doping scheme at the Sochi Olympics in 2014, above. Individual Russian athletes might be able to compete wearing neutral uniforms, and Russia is expected to appeal the decision. Political analysts have predicted that the ban will not dent President Vladimir Putin’s popularity ahead of elections next year.

Where is Greenland’s Ice Going?

Source: The New York Times

Satellite footage of a depression where melted ice formed a lake

Each year, Greenland loses 270 billion tons of ice as the planet warms. New research shows that some of the water may be trapped in the ice sheet, which could change how scientists think about global sea levels. Data collected over 72 hours showed that current models are overestimating the amount of runoff by 20 percent to nearly 60 percent.

Sunlight hitting the ice sheet melts the surface, but some of the light reaches deeper into the ice and causes some melting there. The ice develops a rotted, porous texture – and can hold on to some of the meltwater.

Tens of Thousands Evacuate as Southern California Fires Spread

Source: The New York Times

Southern California were evacuated as wildfires raged. Credit: Ryan Cullom/Ventura County Fire Department, via Associated Press

Four wildfires roared through Southern California on Tuesday, forcing the evacuation of tens of thousands of people and destroying hundreds of homes and other buildings in the latest chapter of what has been one of the state’s worst fire seasons.

The exact cause of the fires is unknown, but they are spreading at an incredible speed. The authorities said the fires were fed by dry conditions and fierce winds. Gov. Jerry Brown declared a state of emergency for Ventura County, where he said the flames had destroyed hundreds of homes.

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