News Tidbits for Friday, December 8


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Palocci Drops a Bomb on Lula and the PT

Source: Veja


Ricardo Stuckert/PR

Muammar Gaddafi financed terrorist groups and political movements in the four corners of the world. According to Antonio Palocci, Lula and his party, PT (Workers’ Party) also benefited from these donations. In his statement to the Public Ministry, Palocci said Gaddafi secretly sent a million dollars to finance Lula’s campaign for president in 2002. This bombastic information has the potential to fulminate the party and Lula himself. One can always dream …

 “It burns, and it keeps burning.”

 Source: Los Angeles Times and The New York Times

The Thomas Fire burned along the 101 freeway in Ventura on Thursday. Credit: Mario Tama/Getty Images

By Thursday evening, the Thomas fire, as the wildfire raging in California is known, had consumed 115,000 acres, destroyed 427 structures in Ventura and damaged at least 85 more, authorities said.

Hot, dry winds sparked new fires in San Diego and Riverside Counties and up the coast. Nearly 200,000 people were forced to evacuate, and residents are worried that the strengthening, erratic winds could ignite new fires at any moment.

“We’ve always been under threat of fire; we’re used to it,” said Suzanne White, who drove past curtains of flames above the 101 freeway as she fled her home in the town of Ojai. “But this year, the fires are raging so fast and furiously that you can’t get ahead of them. It burns,” she said, “and it keeps burning.”

Middle East Powder Keg

Source: The New York Times

Mohammed Saber/European Pressphoto Agency

A day after the American president recognized Jerusalem as Israel’s capital, the chief Palestinian negotiator, Saeb Erekat, declared a radical shift in his goals: a single state, with Palestinians enjoying the same civil rights as Israelis. There were clashes in the West Bank and Gaza.

Mr. Trump’s decision appears to put the U.S. at odds with the other members of the United Nations Security Council, which is set to convene today. All but two of the 11 living former U.S. ambassadors to Israel said they thought the plan was flawed.

‘Taxi Therapy’ for Young Cancer Patients in Italy

Source: The New York Times

Nadia Shira Cohen for The New York Times

Caterina Bellandi, better known in Florence, Italy, as Zia Caterina (Auntie Caterina), has been offering free travel, by day, between a pediatric hospital and the homes of young cancer patients — and, in the evening, earns her living carrying regular clients around Tuscany’s main city. She drives her Chrysler taxi wearing flashy clothes and an army of little bells on her wrists and around her neck.

“This is not a show,” she said, “My children may be sick, but they can and have to be happy.”

  • Did you sell that Bitcoin you had saved up yesterday? Well, you lost $ 3,000. The average cost of a Bitcoin crossed $16,000.
  • A judge in Argentina is seeking the arrest of Cristina Kirchner, the former president, on charges related to an unsolved 1994 bombing, which killed 85 people.
  • Cristiano Ronaldo won soccer’s highest award, the Ballon d’Or, for the fifth time. (He’s now level with Lionel Messi.)

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