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Muslim Nations Declare East Jerusalem the Palestinian Capital

Source: The New York Times

The gathering of the 57-member Organization of Islamic Cooperation declared East Jerusalem the Palestinian capital at a summit meeting in Istanbul, producing the strongest response yet to President Trump’s decision to recognize Jerusalem as Israel’s capital.

The meeting condemned Mr. Trump’s “unilateral” and “dangerous declaration” as an effort to change the status of Jerusalem. It issued a statement saying they considered the action a violation of United Nations resolutions and legally null and void, and that they would hold the United States liable for all consequences of not retracting its decision.

Their statement also said they considered Mr. Trump’s declaration as an announcement that the United States was withdrawing from its role as a sponsor of peace for the region.

Doctors Save Baby with Heart Born Outside her Body

Source: The New York Times

Surgeons in Britain have saved the life of a baby girl who was born with her heart outside her body, the hospital where she was treated said on Wednesday.

The infant had been thought to have less than a 10 percent chance of survival. The surgery to relocate her heart was said to be the first successful procedure of its kind performed on a newborn child in Britain, although a few comparable cases have been reported in the United States.

The baby was delivered by cesarean section on Nov. 22, about a month before her due date, the hospital said. She “was immediately wrapped in a sterile plastic bag” to keep her organs sterile and the tissue moist. A team of about 50 people performed the procedure of putting her heart back into her chest.

Source: Los Angeles Times

The Federal Communications Commission is expected to end net neutrality today. That is the policy ensuring broadband providers such as phone and cable companies can’t give preferential treatment to anyone — their own streaming-video service, say, over Netflix. Small tech companies and consumer groups are up in arms about this decision. Internet prices are expected to soar.

Source: The New York Times

The Walt Disney Company is poised to swallow most of Rupert Murdoch’s movie and television empire, a $60 billion-plus acquisition that would supercharge Disney’s global streaming-service ambitions and challenge direct-to-consumer services like Netflix for more market share.

According to the deal, Disney would buy the 20th Century Fox movie and television studios; 22 regional cable networks dedicated to sports; Fox’s stake in the Hulu streaming service; and cable networks like FX and National Geographic.

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